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We provide Consultation, Quotation, Design Verification, Sample, Mass production, Quality Control, Shipping service. Our team will provide die line to ensure that the file is designed smoothly. Download guidebook for designing your game in case you need it.
why to choose us
  • Competitive Price

    As a factory with full of advantage on our own raw-material supplier chain and can control the cost in our way when quote for our clients.Besides, the most reasonable and economic way can always be provided without sacrificing quality to meet our client’s requirement within budget.

  • Professional Technology

    Besides the self-contained printing and assembly lines equipment, also we area team with creativity. We are talented to provide professional technology support from R&D to quotation and all of the components’ from our client’s initial idea which we can make them into reality.For miniatures and other complex pieces, we can provide 3D structure graphing to show our client to get a quick and easy understanding at their first step.

  • Efficiency Response

    Based on high-efficiency work rule, the quotation can be sent out to our clients within 48 hours. Powerful and efficient production capacity comes from automatically machines and assembly lines, we can finish all of the productions in a short lead time.